We are aimed at promoting social, economic and environmental development of Africa by building the capacity of young people through education, career development life skill training , health and enterprise. Green future builder’s initiative (GFBI) hope to have a generation of young people with the capacity to provide solutions to real life local and global challenges of the 21st century.

We believe in buildingcommunities through——

What we do


We teach public school students literacy skills, career workshop and we mentor them
We pick children from the streets and send them to school
we organize teachers training for public schools teacher

We believe education is for everyone

Water, Sanitation and Health

We conducts sanitation sensitization for local communities
We have clubs in 2 secondary schools in Nigeria on reproductive and sexual health of teenage girls
We have maternal health workshop for women living in rural communities
we provides water for communities without portable drinking water
Everyone’s Health is our concern

Good health and well being

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Social Inclusion and Governance

SIA Social Inclusion for All is a project designed for socially excluded groups: people living with disabilities, internally displaced people (IDPs), girls, women, refugees, migrant, orphans, widows, homeless, aged and other socially excluded people in the society.

Our Approaches include

Advocacy and Campaigning

In an attempt to make governance structures more transparent, accountable and inclusive, especially towards socially excluded people, GFBI embarked on advocacy and campaign projects to raise awareness about social exclusion and advocate for more socially inclusive policies and programmes.

Training and Capacity Building

GFBI works to strengthen socially excluded groups through a range of training and networking opportunities to help them to develop their capacity and improve their livelihoods.

The objective of the capacity building works is to leave a lasting legacy of empowered communities of people to understand their rights and entitlements and have the confidence and skills to negotiate with others to claim them.


We teach young people how to be self sustainable through business training, funding and support program

We train youths on Agric business (Rice, Maize and Cassava)

We conduct vocational skills training for disadvantaged youths

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